A Guide To Companies In MarketGlory

MarketGlory Company Guide 

As a new player you are granted one free license for a newspaper and a milk farm, both can turn a small profit (the newspaper over much longer timescale) and also offer an opportunity to learn how companies / businesses work cheaply before potentially opening ones the cost euros & lots of gold to get started (I wouldn't recommend till really experienced with running companies and researched the market looking at very well)

With both the free companies however I'd recommend waiting until you have a little spare cash to seed them with, for intial wages and the in the case of the newspaper, paper stock, say a couple of chunks of gold, this makes things much easier,

Some would recommend placing your milk farm in a foreign country if wages are high in your own country, though remember to check how much tax they charge on sales of milk on the international market.

The thing to remember with newspapers is that each article is like a product so it's slow going at first though each one released is like putting another product on the shelf for a long time, so even if only like 10 or so sales on the day of release then could be 50 or so in a few months, many more if fill the articles with actually readable interesting stuff (so get lots of votes).

Remember, a citizen will at times want 10 articles a day, so if there's less than 10 articles on sale in your country, it has room for another newspaper definetly.

MarketGlory My companies - Inventory

In your inventory menu you can view the raw material stock, the finished products stocks and the costs of their production or acquisition. Also, in this section you have the option to put goods on sale to be displayed in the country market where the company is established. You can also decide on selling goods on the global market. In the “Production and Sales” section you can see who worked for your company and how many goods you have sold. Also, if you have a real estate in your inventory, you can choose whether to occupy it or rent it to other users.

MarketGlory My companies - Workplaces

In this section you can create new jobs. Creating a new workplace costs with 0.25 euro more than the previous. Each job can be administrated individually, with the possibility to establish the salary offered and to suspend or activate a job.

MarketGlory My companies - Work records

In this section you can view a list of citizens who have worked for your company, the time when they have worked, the productivity they had and also the salary that the company has paid to the citizen.

MarketGlory My companies - Financial

Each company has its own budget. In this section you can invest and withdraw money from the company. In the company you can invest and withdraw gold.
After you have invested gold you can change the company money in the local currency of the country where the company was founded.
When you want to withdraw money from the company, buy gold within the company and withdraw gold. Note that for any withdrawal you will pay a tax of 5%.
Finance Transactions
In this section you have a list of all the transactions made by the company.

MarketGlory My companies - Settings

From the “Settings” menu, you can change the description of the company and the logo.
My companies - upgrade

MarketGlory My companies - Licenses

In this section you can view what licenses you can purchase for your company. Also, each license is explained in detail, how many productivity points are required and how much raw materials you need for the products. When you have a valid license or you purchase a license, the date when this license expires will be displayed. Each license is valid for 90 days. From the company you can extend the license or buy a new one. Even if a license expires you can still sell products in stock, but you will not be able to produce goods anymore. Each type of company allows specific license purchase.
Licenses for consumer goods are divided into three categories, depending on quality.
In the market licenses section, you can read all the details for the licenses, such as productivity needed to produce the goods, raw materials necessary for the goods and the goods’ quality. When you purchase a license money will go to the country’s government where the business is created.

MarketGlory My companies - upgrade

Companies can be upgraded to produce goods at lower costs and thus your company can be more efficient on the market. There are 5 levels of upgrade:
Upgrade 1 = 10% productivity = 10 euro
Upgrade 2 = 20% productivity = 30 euro
Upgrade 3 = 30% productivity = 70 euro
Upgrade 4 = 40% productivity = 150 euro
Upgrade 5 = 50% productivity = 310 euro

You can rent an upgrade for your company, on a determined period of time from the “30 days upgrade” sub-menu. When you rent an upgrade, you will not be able to rent or buy another one, for as long as the renting is valid. The upgrade renting takes into account the level of upgrade which has been bought. The prices for renting are the following:
Upgrade 1 = +10% productivity = 0.5 euro
Upgrade 2 = +20% productivity = 1.50 euro
Upgrade 3 = +30% productivity = 3.50 Euro
Upgrade 4 = +40% productivity = 7.50 Euro
Upgrade 5 = +50% productivity = 15.50 Euro

MarketGlory Make new company

Setting up a company costs 10 euros. You will get a workplace and a license for 90 days. Opening a newspaper is free. There are 27 types of companies. For each company from this menu, there is a description (the raw materials needed and the goods that can be produced).

MarketGlory Company Auction

In this menu, you can find the companies put for auction. The initial term of an auction can be between 1 and 7 days. During the auction, if a user bids in the last 3 minutes before the auction ends, the term of the auction will be prolonged with another 3 minutes. When you bid, you are withdrawn the bidded sum from the account. If someone outbids you, the sum is given back into your account. The prices for companies are in Gold. The free companies cannot be put for sale.

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