Knowing more about Partners in Marketglory


In this section you can buy MarketGlory game shares.
When the balance reaches 10,000 euros you will receive 1 cent for each share you hold. You can sell and buy shares from other players. The gold balance is exchanged in Euro.
Euros are added to the game fund balance when:
a company is created
a workplace is created
a withdrawal from the game is made (20% from the withdrawal)
a fight is immediately ended
shares are bought
These appear as negative transactions in fund:
10% from the amount invested for the country which holds the citizenship of the citizen who invests in his account
10% from the amount invested for one who owns the citizen who has invested in his account
Those negative transactions are covered by the 20% commission applied on the withdrawals from MarketGlory account.

Partners – Transactions List

Whenever the citizens open companies or upgrades them, buy licences, create jobs, block referrals, have a quickfight or a quick travel all payments are saved in shares fund. The Partners Fund Gold balance will be regularly exchanged in euro. When this fund riches 10.000 Euro, it is distributed to shareholders depending the amount of their own shares. Here you can see all the incomes to the Partners' fund.
Partners – Shares Market
Here are all the shares for sale. Their price is in Euro.
Partners – Shareholders
Here is a list of all the Shareholders, sorted by the number of shares they own.
Partners – My shares

Here is a list of your shares and you can put them for sale, on the Shares market.

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