Marketglory Step By Step How To Play

First Day

The first time you do there first fight 10 times to get a money fight attack, it lasts ten minutes

When the fight get money do not forget to buy the newspaper / articel because of the greater energy you have the most money you get
1 newspaper will receive 0.3 point energy energy
Only can buy 10 newspaper a day.

After a fight 10 times time work
work based on productivity so the greater your productivity the greater amount of money when you get a job.
work only once per day every 24 Hour

The second day
on the second day you had money few left over from yesterday's money to buy newspapers and milk used to let me get a lot more money when the fight then fight 10 times continue to work.
You can buy Milk in Local Market Or Global Market.
The Quality Milk :
• Low Quality - 1 point,
• Normal Quality - 3 points
• High Quality - 5 points
The Energy is distributed when the good is bought. You can consume the Milk once in 24 hours.

The third day
on the third day you must have had a bit more  money to buy food can be purchased in the local market or global market

The Food is consumed every 6 hours, at 03.15, 09.15, 15.15, 21.15 server time. When the Food is consumed, you receive the points of energy corresponding to each quality:
• Low Quality - 1 point,
• Normal Quality - 3 points
• High Quality - 5 points
If you have Food of different qualities, the first to be consumed will be the one of superior quality. You also have a timer, which shows the time left until the next meal is taken. The energy decreases by:
• 5% each hour
• 10% when you fight
• 10% when you work

The next day
do point2x above continuously.
Remember that the more energy, the bonuses and salaries will also increase. Example, if the energy used 5 fight, for 10 times, it will get less than 5 USD before tax, but it was not bad, with 5 or 6 days of playing, it is possible to collect 2 gold or 20 USD, even more

Milk Food HQ + HQ + Wine + 10 newspaper, then Ref Fight 10 times last work.
the greater the energy before the Ref Fight the greater the money raised.

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