Marketglory War Guide

Fight / War

You can Fight and Defend Your country or attack another country and ripp other country warfund this lot make money.

You can select a country to attack. If the country is not at War, you can open a War against that country. The War can be opened only by the Leader or the Veterans of an Organization, and it costs 5 Gold.
You can also take part to an on-going War. In order to take part as an Attacker, you must be a member of the Organization that attacks and you must travel to that country, but in Defense you can also participate as a Freedom Fighter.
In order to participate in the War, you need at least one Weapon of Attack, one Weapon of Defense and 20 points of Energy.

The title of Emperor will be given to the leader of the attacking organization, when the attack wins the war. The Emperor will receive a 25% influence bonus, regardless if he participated or not in the war. This bonus will be given to him at the end of each war, as long as he has influence over that territory, meaning that the territory is not conquered by another country, through attack. You can uncrown the Emperor of a country if you conquer it through attack, in order to benefit from the 25% influence bonus. Therefore, even if the country is implicated in consecutive wars, won by the defense, the Emperor will receive the 25% bonus at the end of each war. All the territories will have a base defense of 100.000 points, no matter whose influence they are under. You can defend a territory without being a citizen of the country which has influence over that territory, and you can earn the Warfund of that country. If the war is won by the defense, 75% of the Warfund will be distributed to the fighters from defense, depending on the damage they made in the war.

You can choose daily from the numerous wars in MarketGlory. You can build a successful military career, fighting day by day. The more wars you take part in, the more medals you can obtain, and you can obtain a higher military rank, which will allow you to create a greater damage in the future wars. The ranks in the Arena and the weapons you own will also determine the damage you create in a war.

All the citizens in MarketGlory who are not members of an Organization that attacks, can participate in defense, as Freedom Fighters, if they travel to that country. You can defend a territory without being a citizen of the country you defend, and even if your country does not have influence over that territory. If you win a war as a Freedom Fighter in defense, the country will remain under the influence of its native citizens or under the influence of the country which defeated it in a previous war. The Warfund will be distributed just once, at the end of the war. After the war ends, the country will benefit from protection for 7 days. During this period, the Warfund will accumulate, and when the country is involved in another war, the fund will be distributed again to the winners.

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