Why You Must Join Marketglory?

If you've read my previous post about Marketglory. Then you would probably wonder..... "Why Marketglory?" Well to tell you the truth, some people have earn over 60K EUROS over the years while playing this game. And all it took was time. Moreover, your income would probably increase day by day once you understand the game mechanism. Though you can earn money from PTC(Paid-To-Click) websites. HOWEVER, all PTC websites has fixed amount of cash they're willing to pay per ad such as 0.001 dollar per ad which requires you to wait 3 secs for it to load. These ads are limited per day. Imagine if they were to give unlimited ads. You'll probably just click them all in a day and earn few hundred bucks. But THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

           These PTC websites too give some mini-jobs such as Offers or Tasks. Once again, I emphasise on the LOCATION! If you're living in USA or Europe, probably you could earn quite a sum of money. The rankings for the top "task-doers" are mostly from Europe or USA. For Asia, only certain parts of Asia has mini-jobs offered. So if you're from Malaysia and registered in a PTC website, you are going to earn approximately only 1-2 cents per day. Furthermore, the minimal cashout is usually depending on the website. I would go further into that next week.

           So, what are you waiting for? Come join Marketglory. I'm not affiliated with Marketglory. I am on the neutral side as I only want to give information about what's best.

Come join Marketglory now...

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