Advanced Arena Guide for Marketglory!

For those new players who wants to enter the ARENA, its better to stay at Rank NOVICE 1 first for a few days to learn the mechanism of the Arena.

~~~~~~~~ NOVICE 1 Needs 5 Arena Points, NOVICE 2 needs 18 Arena points~~~~~~~~~

This tutorial is used for players who wants to promote themselves to NOVICE 2. Before  we start, there are a few conditions we need to know when we're at NOVICE 2.

1. NOVICE 1 can be attacked ONCE PER DAY, NOVICE 2 can be attacked TWICE PER DAY!.... Therefore, the higher your rank, the more times you can get ATTACKED PER DAY.

2. At NOVICE 1 RANK, your Arena Points deduct by 1 each time you get attacked, therefore you can only decrease by 1 point per day. However, NOVICE 2's ARENA POINTS DECREASE BY 2 PER ATTACK! And so, the higher your ranking, the more times you can get attacked and the more points deducted from your arena points.

A. When you're at Novice 1 >>>>> Attack other players at the Arena UNTIL YOUR POINT REACHES NOVICE 2..

Then, attack trainer now until you're left with 1 point left to your next rank. Eg, if you want to earn Novice 2 Bonus, you'll stay at 17 points. Same for the on going ranks. When its 23.54.25, you attack someone else!!!!

Why, you ask?

Because at 23.55(Server Time) nobody can attack anyone anymore. The server will calculate the bonus by that time. Therefore, you will reach the rank you want and not get attack by other players.

 AND WHEN THE TIME REACHES 0.01(SERVER TIME) ITS TIME FOR YOU TO ATTACK!!! This is THE MOST CRUCIAL TIME TO ATTACK OTHERS BECAUSE MANY WEAK NOVICES ARE UP TO ATTACK. EVEN NOVICE 4 with 0.01 DEFENSE. THEREFORE EACH TIME WE ATTACK THEM WE WILL EARN 4 ARENA POINTS. WOW... Thats alot... And with that 4 arena points, lets say we are only at Novice 1, we will lose 1 arena points. Thus, earning 3 arena points. REPEAT IT EVERYDAY!

When your weapons are finish, Do some Referral Fight then ----------> WORK.

This is how you maximise your daily income.

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