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MarketGlory Description

Market Glory is a browser game (meaning that there is nothing you need to download) that will allow you to not only have fun while playing the game but also give you the opportunity to earn money at the same time. If you like strategy games - the kind where you build up your world then this may be something that interests you. Start a new life in your virtual world and see what kind of money you can make.

MarketGlory Detailed Overview

Market Glory is absolutely free to use and once you are a member you will be able to build a new life as whatever character you desire. The premise is to build a strong new world and become one of the movers and shakers that makes it happen. You have the choice of what you character will be - you could possibly be a minister, a broker, or a journalist. Or, if you desire, you can be a manager, and emperor, or even a god. To develop quicker you are going to want to 'work' everyday - everytime you check in you receive participation points which will help you grow your character.

To get started all you have to do is sign up for your free account. To achieve any set level (even up to the god level) you just need to fight for it in the arena. The more you play the more you will grow and have the potential to earn. You can increase your income with referrals, by being a broker and buying and selling 80 different currencies, and by becoming a shareholder. If you like strategy games then you will really enjoy this and with the opportunity to earn a little additional money then this will definitely appeal to you. Get started on your new career path, build up your power, bring in your referrals, dabble in the currency market - and turn the money you earn in the game into real cash. I am not finding anything regarding the exchange rates but you really have nothing to lose.

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